Braided Air Hose With Quick Disconnect

Braided Quick Disconnect Air Hose

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Product Features

  • Super flexible rubber airhose with braided nylon cover
  • Two lengths to choose from (6 feet or 10 feet)
  • 1/8 inch connections
  • Quick disconnect included
  • 1/4 inch adapter included

Product Description

Air hose comes in either a standard 6 foot length or in an extra long 10 foot length, perfect for reaching every angle of your project without having to lug a compressor around.  The air hose is made of a super flexible rubber covered in braided nylon that is nearly impossible to kink or break. The included 1/4 inch adapter assures that this hose will work with 99% of compressors on the market today and the quick disconnect makes changing from one airbrush to another a breeze.  No more messing around with unscrewing air hoses from your airbrushes!